What Stops You, What Carries On


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Poetry and prose on love and grief, with writing from Jocelyn Anderson, Vannessa Barnier, Jeff Blackman, Ben Gallagher, Stephanie Maris Hicks, Hedieh Mehdi Zadeh Kashani, Margaret Kohr, Nisa Malli, Lynsey Morandin, Michael Russell, Spenser Smith, and Madison Rae Stoner.

Physical copies (four remaining) are hand-bound, limited edition.

Digital version is available for free via notnicolebrewer.com/literallyjustachapbook, or for $2 here using the option below. Digital version sales simply help me recover the cost of producing the chapbook.

From the introduction:

This chapbook is an answer in progress to a question I have not yet figured how to ask. I asked for writing on love and grief, and I got writing that spanned all of life, cities and children and lovers and death, and I started to feel a question in my bones and started to feel an answer in these pages. I am grateful, I am in awe.

This chapbook was a selfish project. I was sad, I wanted to know I wasn’t alone, I wanted to be reminded that it is not all bad. I wanted to make room in my chest for other people’s hearts because mine was too heavy to carry alone. It has far exceeded any expectations I had, and I will be infinitely grateful to each of the writers here who offered to share their heart with me—and now, with you. I hope you carry us with you.